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Develop a Great Hockey Shot With Rapid Shot

RapidShot helps hockey players develop a great shot and is used by NHL, College and Junior hockey teams all over North America. Here is how RapidShot helps.

Puck Reception
The RapidShot Hockey Training System provides an unparalleled passing rate. Up to 800 passes per hour allows you to develop this “feel for the puck”. The evaluation of each shot gives you the understanding that you can only perform your best with good puck reception.

Reaction Time
On the ice, in the heat of a game, you must find the spot on the net that the goalie "gives you".
The faster you perform this task, the harder it is for the goalie to make the save.

The RapidShot Hockey Training System simulates the least covered corners of the net, randomly lighting up one of four lamps just as you receive the pass. This forces you to have the goal in your field of vision while receiving the pass. The time from receiving the puck until it leaves the blade is measured with high precision. The reaction time is displayed on the monitor for each shot, as well as your average for the current series.

Puck Speed
All other factors being equal, the faster the puck speed the harder it is to save. The puck speed depends on multiple variables; having the right stick, your physical strength. But the most important is a highly developed and consistent technique.

By having immediate feedback and the maximum rate of repetition within the shortest period of time, the RapidShot Hockey Training System allows you to learn the best technique! You can learn to optimize your puck speed, without sacrificing reaction time or accuracy. Your puck speed is displayed on the monitor immediately after a target is hit, along with the average puck speed of the current series.

Only RapidShot makes it possible for the player and coach to evaluate accuracy, by observing the shooting statistics recorded in each corner. RapidShot stats can identify strengths and weaknesses, by corner. In addition, each of the four corners of the goal is subdivided into 3 target sections, blue, green and yellow. The blue targets are the hardest to cover by the goalie. They result in the highest score when they are hit, but represent the highest risk of hitting the post or missing the goal. The user is shown his precise level of accuracy immediately and in long-term evaluations right at the lane monitor, and also at the member site on the internet.

The Evaluation System
The RapidShot formula calculates a value from reaction time, puck speed and accuracy, also taking into consideration the adjustable pass speed and pass interval. These RapidShot points represent the probability of scoring on ice for each shot.

This is how it works:

  • Every shot that hits the indicated target results in a Shot Result.
  • 16 shots make one Series. When one Series is completed, the average of 16 Shots makes the Series Result.
  • The best 3-Series Results makes up the Day Result. Therefore, to improve the Day Result, the player must surpass the 3rd best Series Result.
  • Over the long term, all Day Results are sorted by points. The average of the best 3 Day Results make the Year Result which is recorded in the World Rankings.
  • The player has an excellent overall view at any time because the relevant data is displayed on the monitor and can be reviewed at home on the internet.
  • To sum it up: The RapidShot Hockey Training System provides feedback: by showing results at any stage of the training session. Now players can set specific, measurable objectives. 

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